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Stopping Sexual Exploitation
Kansas City's Offenders Accountability Re-education Program

Communities are successfully reducing prostitution through this proven education and restorative-justice-diversion approach.

Stopping Sexual Exploitation: a Program for Men is based on the best and most-promising practices available to prevent gender-based violence. It is designed to help men understand their behavior and promote their accountability in choosing to not buy sex. The program consists of the following components:

  • Two individual 60-minute sessions of Motivational Interviewing (MI) before participation in the group. (MI has been proven to enhance the effectiveness of group intervention programs for perpetration of Domestic Violence and people struggling with chemical dependency.)

  • Eight weekly group sessions will follow. Group size is limited, and the eight three-hour learning modules are highly interactive, utilizing exercises and group discussion to engage participants in a process of self-reflection and critical analysis. Weekly topics include:

    1. Sexuality and Gender Socialization

    2. Harm to Victim/Survivors  

    3. The Sexual Violence Continuum 

    4. Pimping, Trafficking and Domestic Violence    

    5. Power and Violence

    6. Vulnerability 

    7. Mutuality in Relationships

    8. The Will to Change

For more information, please contact:

Vince Tucker

Director of Men's Accountability


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Program costs: $850 with a sliding scale available to those who provide income verification. 

The process for successful completion of the program is as follows:

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Veronica's Voice brought the Johnz School, an offenders accountability re-education one-day class to Kansas City in 2002 modeled after early sex buyers intervention programs. With significant consideration of best practices and a commitment to the effectiveness of the program on the behavior change of individual participants, Veronica’s Voice determined to work with Peter Qualliotine in replicating a more extensive model that Peter first developed in Seattle through Organization for Prostitution Survivors, Stop Sexual Exploitation (SSE). Replicating the SSE model strengthens the meaning and influence of the sex-buyer intervention program as a legal consequence to sex buying that sets social norms for the larger population. 

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