The purpose of this collaborative is to implement the KC-CASE Action Plan. The actions fall into six categories: the full decriminalization of those who are experiencing CSE; high-quality services for those experiencing CSE; strengthen laws on demand and develop assurances that the laws regarding those caught trying to purchase a sex act are implemented; prioritize and coordinate these laws across the Metro in both Kansas and Missouri; address all factors that drive people into prostitution; create a holistic approach that is scalable.

Petition to Implement the Equality Model in Kansas City

Legalization and criminalization of prostitution are failed polices!

Please help us implement the Equality Model in Kansas City. It addresses factors that drive people into

the industry and provides services for them. It reduces the demand for CSE by criminalizing those who choose to spend their extra money this way. It helps reduce inequalities and vulnerability of the poor

by providing viable alternatives.


To sign and read more click here.

In the Equality model,

the selling of sex is decriminalized while the purchase of sex is criminalized.

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