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VIDEO- Thank you to Kristy Childs from Linda Smith with Shared Hope International, May20,2019, You tube video.

PDF- Midwest Anti-Money Laundering Conference, March 26-27, 2019, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. PDF-Lucy Bloom, Executive Director, Veronica’s Voice, presenter 


VIDEO AND ARTICLE- Groups outraged that Kansas judge gave lesser sentence for child sex abuser and blamed victims, KIVI Boise, Sarah Plake, Feb. 6, 2019

ARTICLE- Business use poster to join fight against human trafficking,, Jan 11, 2019-

ARTICLE- Sex-worker-industry skeptical of Kamala Harris cpnversion to backing decriminalization of Prostituion. Lucy Bloom Comments- Washington, July 24,2019 by Joseph Simonson 


VIDEO -New arrests highlight sex trafficking issues in KC metro.  November 21,2019


PDF- Lesson Guide: Kansas FCE Educational Program Committee Lesson Guide, 2018


PODCAST March 6, 2018  Sex trafficking and “Project Dawn”, KKFI 90.1 FM, Hosted by Spencer Graves and Craig Lubow

Kristy Childs from Veronica's Voice and Nurse Heidi Olson from Children's Mercy Hospital join host Craig Lubow to talk about sex trafficking in the context of the issues raised by "Project Dawn", a court project in Pennsylvania and recently portrayed in a play by the same name at Unicorn Theatre.


ARTICLE -Local pastor carrying purple purse as part of effort to counter domestic violence in Johnson County,, Leah Wankum, Oct 23, 2018.


ARTICLE- Leadership summit looks to curb sex trade in Kansas City, KMBZ news staff, Oct. 18,2018,

ARTICLE AND VIDEO- Volunteers lead effort to help located missing people, 41 KSHB, Oct 18, 2018-


ARTICLE- Historic Number of Neighborhood Projects Receive Funding,, June 24, 2018,

ARTICLE- New Campaign aims to fight human trafficking by cutting demand for prostitution, Wyandotte Daily, by Stephen Koranda, Kansas News Service, July 11, 2018-


ARTICLE- 2018- Living Legends Awards- Kristy D Childs


ARTICLE- Human Trafficking: Slavery Still Exists: Panel Discussion Announcement, Oct 10. Benedictine College Atchison, KS.

ARTICLE- Fighting Human Trafficking by Cutting Demand for Prostitution, Metro Voice,, August 2018


PODCASTS Radio Active Magazine- Apple Podcasts Sex trafficking and “Project Dawn”- a play Jan. 2018

Book-2018 Social Work Practice with Survivors of Sex Trafficking and Commercial Sexual Exploitation Edited by Andrea J Nichols, Tonya Edmond, and Erin C Heil, …Veronica’s Voice cited, Columbia University Press, 2018. Cited Veronica’s Voice

Book, 2018, “Fighting the US Youth Sex Trade” Gender, Race and Politics, by Carrie N Baker, Smith College, Mass. Cambridge University Press -cited Veronicas Voice and Kristy Childs, page 123.


ARTICLE- Kansas City: Anti- Sex-Trafficking Event Confronts Criminal Enterprise with Awareness,, Sept. 15, 2017-


PODCAST- Jessica Hubbard- Veronicas Voice- Lakeland Community Church, PODBEAN, March 26, 2017


ARTICLE- “Hear Their Voices” Event Unites Community Against Human Sex Trafficking, Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Brenda Dickerson, Columbia, MD. In Kansas City, KS. Sept 21,2017 /Photos


ARTICLE- 2017- Human Trafficking focus of event, by Examiner Staff,, Sept 2, 2017


BLOG- The Open Table BLOG- A Voice for the Exploited June 7, 2016 posted by Nick Pickrell


ARTICLE- Kansas City woman charged in child prostitution case, 41KSHB, June 7, 2016


PODCAST- Kristy Childs, Founder/Director of Veronica’s Voice and Juvenile Justice Reforms Pass the Kansas Legislature, KKFI 90.1 Fm, hosted by Nancy Leezer, May 16, 2016


PDF- Letter dated Feb. 23, 2015 To Senators- Listen to Survivors, Letter in support of JVTA. Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act

ARTICLE Victim of prostitution and sex trafficking speaks: “It took me 24 years to get out”, Benedictine The Circuit, Kaihtlyn Schlachter, March 22, 2015

Say no to human Trafficking, Kansas, KVC, Jan. 21, 2015

Home will help prostitutes create new lives, Associated Press, March 16, 2015-


Mon, 11/23/2015

Courtney Lewis

Activities the Week of Monday, November 30, 2015

The Long Night - Tim Matsui
Tuesday, December 1 | 6:30 p.m. | Plaza Branch, 4801 Main St.
We hear and read of it abroad, but the trafficking of children for sex is all too common in America, too. Emmy-nominated multimedia journalist and producer Tim Matsui shines a light on the issue in his riveting documentary The Long Night, weaving together the stories of seven people - young girls forced or coerced into the sex trade, their parents, and police - whose lives have been forever changed.

Set in Seattle, the 72-minute film was named Pictures of the Year International's top documentary project of 2014. It is screened at the Plaza Branch's Truman Forum Auditorium. Matsui leads a subsequent discussion with Kristy Childs, a trafficking survivor who founded the service organization Veronica's Voice; Craig Hill, a retired Leawood, Kansas, police detective now working with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children; and FBI sex crimes investigator Megan Kline.

Co-presented by Pictures of the Year International and the Kansas City/Mid-America chapter of the American Society of Media Photographers.


ARTICLE- A Long Journey Home, Non profit to House Survivors of Sex Trafficking, KCPT’s Digital Magazine, Flatland, by Caitlin Cress and Lindsey Float Feb 9th, 2015  W photos

ARTICLE Congress: Please Remove Controversial Pieces from Human Trafficking Legislation, HUFFPOST, Holly Austin Smith, Contributor Survivor of Child Sex Trafficking, Program Director for Dignity Health, May 17, 2015.

PDF- 2015- The MSS 2015 Social Action Award Winner- Kristy Childs- Recognized by the Midwest Sociological Society's Social Action Committee for the Social Action Award in March of 2015


ARTICLE- Sex Trafficking Survivor Summit be held at BCC, Berkshire, The Edge, Oct. 27, 2015 by Emily Edelman- Pittsfield, MA.


PDF-FLYER- Giving Hope to Women, Parkville Presbyterian Church April 26, 2014- Kristy Childs Keynote Speaker.

ARTICLE- Kansas Attorney General awards first human trafficking victim assistance grants,, Chris Wilson, Jan 31, 2014.-


ARTICLE- “Veronica’s Voice” founder highlights trafficking summit, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, University Communications, by Haley Dover, April 21, 2014.-

BLOG-Courtney’s House, Survivor or Not Survivor?  6/26/2014

2014 University of Kansas ASHTI, Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Initiative, Listed as a Community Resource Link, Veronica’s Voice.

ARTICLE- Panel Discussion examines the scourge of human trafficking, by Edward M Eveld,, Jan.11, 2014 KANSAS CITY STAR--


ARTICLE- Demand Change Conference, Minnesota, Award for Kristy Childs.


ARTICLE-Kansas City ranks second in academic study of men looking for prostitutes online, by Mark Morris, Kansas, Aug 29th, 2013 Comment by Kristy Childs.


PDF- Zonta District 7 Newsletter, January 2013, Zonta Club of Topeka, KS hosted the Topeka Trafficking Event, Photo and Mention.


ARTICLE-Veronica’s Voice: Missing Wisconsin Woman found, Fox 4 tv- Nov. 26, 2013

ARTICLE-The face of human trafficking,, by Marc and Julie Anderson March 29, 2013

PDF-Developing a National Action Plan to End Demand, ABT Associates, March 19, 2010. Demand Abolition submitted to Hunt Alternatives fund.  June 2013

PODCAST- Help End Sex Trafficking in Kansas City,,

ARTICLE- CATO Unbound A Journal of Debate, Prostitution is Exploitation, by Steven Wagner, Dec. 9, 2013​​​​​​​​​​​​​

ARTICLE- Methodist Women focus on human trafficking, midtownkcposter, Dec. 23, 2013

Book, 2013- Ticked: A Medical Miracle, a Friendship and the weird world of Tourette’s, by James A Fussell and Jeffrey P Matovic, Chicago Review Press. - Chapter 47 pg. 234 -236 mentions Kristy Childs of Veronica’s Voice.

In 2009 - James Fussell with the KC Star won a National award for his story on Kristy Childs about Veronicas voice. He won the national award against writers from the New York Times, the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal. He won first place in the American Association of Sunday and Feature Editors, now called The Society for Features Journalism writing contest in July 2009.  Story Titled: One Who has lived the life and becomes agent of change. He admits in his book that he won the award not for his writing but for the subject matter of the story: Kristy D Childs.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

VIDEO- The Fight Against Sex Trafficking  Kristy Childs


PDF- What is Human Trafficking in Kansas Testimony- Document from Attorney General Derek Schmidt, January 17, 2012.


ARTICLE -Veronica’s Voice founder shares story of pain and hope, Sisters of St. Joseph of Concordia, KS,, Nov. 10,2012

PDF-Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking, Independence, MO.  September 2012

ARTICLE- Lawmakers hear calls for tougher laws on human trafficking,, by Brent D Wistrom, Jan. 17. 2012

ARTICLE- Survivors Connect Network: Sex Trafficking Survivors Worldwide Unite, Board to Meet in Washington, D.C.  Survivors Connect Network, Oct. 17, 2012


ARTICLE-Lincoln Freedom March calls attention to modern-day slavery, The Daily Nebraskan, by Dan Holtmeyer, April 19, 2012-


VIDEO AND ARTICLE- Pimping now illegal in Kansas City, Fox 4 News, by Macradee Aegerter and Sarah Clark, Oct. 25, 2012


Local Links- Northeast News, Jan. 19, 2011-

ARTICLE- Kansas City Opens Safe Haven for former prostitutes,, Tony Rizzo, Jan. 10, 2011


VIDEO- Sex Trafficking in the Heartland of America, The 700 Club, CBN May 5, 2011 Start at 36:13 for Interview with Kristy Childs of Veronica’s Voice, You Tube


ARTICLE- Escort crusader wants judge to let hooker speak, Boston Herald, Laurel J Sweet, Sept. 28, 2011


Documentary-  Interviewed Kristy Childs for a segment in the documentary. Released in 2011.

Clip with Kristy Childs:


ARTICLE- Human Trafficking Bill Advances in Legislature, the Catholic Key, by Marty Denzer, Dec 2011.

ARTICLE- Kathleen Sebelious Gruesome Moral Calculus, by Steven Wagner, National Catholic, Nov 29, 2011


PDF- The Face of Human Trafficking, by Melissa Verner, Missouri Catholic Conference MESSENGER, April 2011, PDF


ARTICLE-11th Annual National Assembly Kansas City, Missouri, Nov. 12, 2011, Kristy Childs Guest Speaker


Kansas City to be a Model City in Human Trafficking Fight, Marty Denzer, the Catholic Key, Mar. 26, 2010


ARTICLE-Legalizing prostitution would worsen illegal sex trade, by Kelsey Hopson, Jan. 26, 2009, The K-State Collegian.

ARTICLE- Anti-prostitution group meets in Northeast KC, The Pitch, by Casey Lyons, Sept 23, 2009


Sex slavery: The desperate plight of many women- The Kansas City Star- Dec. 13, 2009

ARTICLE- Meet the most notorious prostitute in a Neighborhood known for – and trying to get rid of – it’s hookers, by Casey Lyons, Sep 10, 2009. The Pitch Cited Kristy Childs comment-


ARTICLE-"One who's lived the life becomes a voice for broken women"  JAMES A. FUSSELL, The Kansas City Star , June 3rd, 2008


ARTICLE- Enslaved in the U.S.A. by Donna Hughes, July 30, 2007.

ARTICLE -Branding Their Babes,, Janice Shaw Crouse, July 25, 2007


ARTICLE- 2006 The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Women and Girls: A Survivor Service Providers Perspective, Yale Journal of Law and Feminism, Vol 18 Issue 1, Article 7, Norma Hotaling, Kristie Miller, Elizabeth Trudeau. Digital


ARTICLE-Recovery Program helps prostituted women take back their lives, The Catholic Key, 3-31-2006, by Mary Denzer


PDF-2004-Resolution NO 041303 by City Council of Kansas City Nov 18, 2004


ARTICLE- Woman helps prostitutes get off the streets, 12/19/2003, The Catholic Key, Marty Denzer


ARTICLE- The Micah Ministry- Space for Veronicas Voice 2002- 


ARTICLE-2001-Awarded Amigas Women of Peace Award- Award to Kristy D Childs