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About - If you do not have Webroot installed, then you may try to download it from the official site, but there are no free versions there! You may try to log into your account on the site and activate your Webroot with our key through the Webroot site - this will not work! The site is activated only through the antivirus program itself, but not through the site!

Whether or not to use our keys is up to you, and only we have access to the accounts to which the keys are linked (those other accounts). We use this data only in case of “rebinding” the key to another hardware (for example, if you reinstalled the key and there are no more places on your key) or to check the performance of a particular key. Otherwise, access to these special accounts is not used.

As for your data, logins and passwords, it is physically impossible to steal anything, because you don’t leave anything of your own anywhere. We give you a key - with it you activate your antivirus, this is where the exchange of information between our site and you ends.

How to Get Rid Of Error Code 0x80090016 on Window 10 with Webroot Antivirus?

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