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I mentioned Loveawake before on this blog. I’ve run into her a couple times downtown while I’ve been out fucking with chicks and both times she seemed to be giving me IOI’s. I thought I had a shot with her back in the day in college at one point too, but there’s just something about her that I just never felt the need to move on. I never really tried. I don’t know why, she’s not ugly, she’s a solid 6. She has a nice body and she’s tall, but there’s nothing special about her that makes her stand out either. She’s just average. I’ve never been with a girl that tall before. Actually, I don’t even know if she’s that tall. Is she even taller than me? I’m not sure. With heels on? I still don’t know. She’s taller than most chicks I talk to that’s for sure.

Anyway, she added me on Twitter a couple weeks ago, so after a few days, I decide, fuck it, I’ll get at her. So, I hit her up on the @replies…

Me: “This girl here…. what up? What u up to now? U just graduated huh, you stayin in [our city] or you movin around on em?”

Her: “Hey babes! You know me I’m fixing to move around on these hoes lol. What u been up to?”

Me: “I just been over here plotting on how to rob a bank with a water gun…. where yo ass headed to? some place wack, I bet…”

Her: “Excuse me sir!!! [her hometown] ain’t wack hmph”

Me: “Keep tellin yourself that.”

Then, I flipped the conversation to the DM.

Me: “If you’re still in [our city], we should go out and grab some drinks together sometime before you head out of town. Shoot me your number.”

Her: “I’ll be in [the city] for a little bit in a couple of weeks. Hit me up [phone number]“

I shoot her a text then to let her know it’s me, so she can have my number too. Then, a few days later, I hit her up playing around about something and we text back and forth for a little bit. It was a Monday I think, may have been a Tuesday, I don’t quite remember, but I tried to set-up a date for Wednesday night. She couldn’t do Wednesday, because she had a test Thursday morning, so I flipped it to Tuesday of the next week. She agreed to that.

Tuesday rolls around, and now, it’s been a week since I’ve talked to her or heard from her. I mean, we haven’t had any contact since setting up the plans, and we set them up a week in advance – that’s a lot of time there. I’m not feeling too good about this. I mean, even I would’ve forgotten about this date if I didn’t schedule it in my phone to remind me. We were supposed to meet at a bar at 9:00. It gets to be about 8:00 and I still haven’t done my p90x. It’s Yoga day, I’m about to start now, but the Yoga workout is an hour and a half – I’ll be about an hour late to this date if I start now. A date that I’m not even sure she’s going to show up to.

Fuck it, I’m doing my Yoga. I text her, 1.) because I need to do my Yoga and 2.) because I have a pretty good feeling she forgot about our plans. So, I text, “I’m running a little behind schedule, let’s push it back to 9:30″

She responds, “Oh shoot I almost forgot I’m outta town. Besides I can’t go anyway my bf wasn’t comfortable w/ it”

Wow… wtf? The “Oh shoot I almost forgot” part wasn’t surprising. Even the fact that she went out of town for 4th of July and still hadn’t made it back isn’t that surprising. But, the “Besides I can’t go anyway my bf wasn’t comfortable w/ it” is the part that really threw me off. I definitely didn’t know she had a boyfriend… nor, do I care. I just find it funny that her boyfriend whoever he is was uncomfortable with her going out with me at night for some drinks. I don’t even know what just happened here.

I don’t even acknowledge the boyfriend part, I just respond with, “Lol oh ok. Dang, so you skipped town and you just now telling me? Smh”

She writes back, “Lol shutup! I was supposed to have been back yesterday but it didn’t work out”

Well, not much I can do with a chick who’s 1,200 miles away. I thought about writing her back and teasing her about the boyfriend, or even saying we should hang out another time and not to tell him about it next time just to see what she’d say to that, but I did neither. I just left it alone.

Another date planned that didn’t happen. That’s 6 out of the last 7 plans I’ve had with girls not happening do to flakes, cancellations or whatever the fuck you want to call it. Damn.


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