Welcome to our new volunteer site!

I am excited to have our new site exclusive to volunteers! Here, you will be able to review our policies, complete your paperwork, stay current on volunteer opportunities, and record your hours!

It is our hope that this special access with simplify the process and increase our communications.

Volunteerism has always been one of the top values at Veronica's Voice. It is a significant way that our community can be directly involved in creating a culture where all are free! A volunteer hour is a value of $24+ per hour. This translates into matching grant funds, and into funding opportunities that we would not have without our great force of volunteers! We have professionals with letters at the end of their names, peer recovery coaches, farmers, managers, entrepreneurs, business leaders, salespersons, analysts, educators, accountants, retired community members, stay-at-home parents, project managers, medical professionals and more among our volunteers. Some of our volunteers step in for an event, some commit 13 weeks at a time, some commit for a year. Whatever your commitment level is, there will always be a place for you here at Veronica's Voice.