Life at Lavender Hill Farm

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

The month of June has been an exciting one. The warm sunny weather was extremely rewarding at the lavender farm. To witness and experience the plants as they evolved into full maturity is but another example of the wonders of our good Lord.

The work load grew as much as the lavender. As a result of that, Jenny and I have met several, new and wonderful volunteers. St. Pauls Methodist Church from Lenexa brought a group to help at the farm. With their help the first section of a beautiful herb garden was established. They helped prepare the soil, which was not easy as the many rains we had in May still lingered and the soil needed tilling to help it dry. But these volunteers, although city folks, took to the hand tools of farming very well. With everyone’s help the soil was prepared and we all planted little baby parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme. As these perennials mature it will be a wonderful addition to the beauty at lavender hill.

We were also blessed to meet another Veronica’s Voice volunteer, all the way from Topeka. Brooklyn Wendt, a college student with a bit of free time this summer, decided to come and help the cause. There is nothing like youth, and she is another person that has been a real benefit with the manual labor required to grow lavender. With Brooklyn’s much needed help we were able to harvest around 350 bunches of culinary lavender. The bunches are now hanging to dry in our nice and cool basement.

The main harvest is so very close now. Our major crop of grosso lavender is busting out into full bloom, what a sight to behold. The wonderful color and fragrance has the farm in her full beauty. So much beauty that even all the hot manual labor of harvest is not a concern at all. Most of the grosso will hang and dry for using the bud in products of all kinds. A smaller amount will head for the still and the cooking process that will produce both hydrosol and essential oil. This will provide another use for the plants that we did not have last year. We are so excited for the new products that it will make available.

We have also heard the there are new residents at Magdalene KC. We both can hardly wait for these ladies to come and visit us on the farm. We never forget that they were the driving force for the establishment of Lavender Hill KCK. Without them none of this would have been possible. We thank you Lord for your many ways.

We will be back with further farm news as the 2021 season progresses. Thank you to the many happy faces of the new volunteers, and may God bless us all.

-Jenny & Joe


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