A Letter from Our Founder

"A simple thing like having an address is a big deal. It means stability and security for many, the first time in their lives."



Magdalene KC is a two-year residential program for women who have survived lives of prostitution, trafficking, violence, addiction, and life on the streets. We will offer housing, food, medical and dental needs, trauma informed therapy, education, and job training without charging the residents.


Many prostituted women have spent decades on the streets or precariously housed and have never experienced a home. A simple thing like having an address is a big deal. It means stability and security for many, the first time in their lives.


The most important thing the Magdalene KC community will provide is unconditional love in a non-judgmental environment. These are gifts in and of themselves that most prostituted women have never experienced in their lives. They more than likely have never been given food, shelter, or any basic needs, that hasn’t come at a cost to their dignity and self-worth. Healing begins the moment when the women moving into the Magdalene KC community and home realize that the only reason they have been invited is so that they can heal, grow, and thrive.


"Love is more powerful than the forces that drive women/girls into prostitution." ~Becca Stevens


As a survivor, I appreciate how difficult it is to get out of the life of prostitution. If there had been a Magdalene community when I was trying to get out, I would have exited much sooner. It would have changed my life if I had a home where I belonged with a loving community of support and basic human needs being met at no cost. This would have allowed me to focus on healing, job training, and work. I could never have imagined such a place. You are helping build an incredible gift. Words cannot express my gratitude for your part in making a way for women like me to find their way home! Thank you for supporting a Just Cause!


As our community grows,


Kristy Childs
Survivor, Founder, President
Veronica’s Voice, Inc.

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